About us

Conocenos EquipoItziar Martinez and Maier Ezquerro are the soul and engine of BabyRural. It all began in the planning of Itziar´s holidays in family. During maternity leave, she developed the initial draft with her brother´s help (Irkus, the illustrator) that began to take shape with Maier (friend and now partner) joining the team.

This two entrepreneur friends, Itziar y Maier, got together one morning in San Sebastian (their hometown in Spain) before a coffee cup, a tea cup and a draft in a paper and at that moment illusion, experience, creativity and working force united to set up a tandem that is giving its results this days.

With our friend and team member Noe joining BabyRural, we have started to set up activities and workshops for kids to develop their artistic creativity and we also have started to make up some pedagogic and didactic material for guesthouses.

BabyRural was born with a very clear vision of what it should be: the style of our guesthouses, the sensitivity and pro-activity of their owners and the leisure activities they offer. This targets so well defined are being accomplished little by little with our owns resources and very much dedication.

Our targets in the short term are widening our guesthouse network and increasing the development of activities. This last one is materialized trough the publication of our “BabyRural Adventure Diary”, didactic program that we give as a gift for the guests.